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51 Epic Gifts for Teen Boys

If you are stumped on gifts for teen boys you are in the right place! As a mom of five (three of them are boys) I’ve learned what teen boy gifts are hits and which ones go straight in their closet, never to be seen again. 😉

I’m here to help with teen boy approved, epic gifts for teen boys that he will love!

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Read on for 51 EPIC gifts for teen boys (that he will adore!).

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Music Gifts for Teen boys

Teen Boys love music and there are great products out there that will help them explore that love of music. 

JBL Vibe Wireless Earbuds: These earbuds are top sellers on Amazon AND are inexpensive! They come in cool colors too! If your teen is asking for more expensive earbuds, your best bets are Apple Airpod Pros and Beats Studio Buds

Beats Wireless On-ear Headphones: Noise cancelling, wireless, bluetooth headphones are a great gift for teen boys. These speakers come in cool colors that teen boys will love and are a teen approved brand (Beats).  

Victrola 3 speed portable suitcase record player with built-in bluetooth speaker: Vinyl has come back in a big way for teens, and he will LOVE having his own record player! You could grab some teen favs for records or vinyl like Taylor Swift Midnights Vinyl, Morgan Wallen Dangerous: The Double Album Vinyl, Harry Styles’ Harry’s House Album, and Post Malone Hollywood’s Bleeding Pink. (These are all in the top selling albums).  

Black Fender Guitar: This black guitar is super sleek looking and makes a great gift for teen boys with an interest in music. It is a beginner kit, so it includes a gig bag, extra strings, guitar picks and a tuner. There are tons of YouTube tutorials on learning to play guitar, my teen daughter learned to play all on his own! Alternatively, you could purchase a smaller Ukulele: This is a fun, non-intimidating instrument that is fun to play also!

shower bluetooth speaker will let your teen boy listen to music in the shower while he gets ready. 

Amazon Echo Dot: This is an inexpensive but useful gift for teen boys. The Echo lets you listen to music, podcasts and even chat with friends! 

A teen boy in an orange shirt stands in front of a gray wall looking down at a phone.

Gifts for Teen Boys’ Phones

Most teen boys use their phone like an extra appendage. Why not grab a gift that will go along with their favorite accessory? 

Wireless Charger for Phone: This stand makes it super easy to charge your phone, something your teen boy will appreciate. Just make sure it works with your teen boy’s phone!

PopSocket: There are millions of color and style choices, but all popsockets help your teen hold his phone more comfortably and safely. Alternatively, you could gift a phone strap

Phone Projector: This fun little projector will let your teen boy project movies or games onto the wall with friends! It would be a fun extra to have around for movie night. 

Magnetic Card Wallet Holder: This is specifically for Apple Magsafe phones, but there are other adhesive wallet card holders you could purchase. 

180 degree Fish Eye Lens This lens can attach to any phone and will take some cool pics. 

Portable Charger for Phone: If your teen boy has phone battery problems, this portable charger would be a great gift idea. 

Wallet Gifts for Teen boys

As teens get older, it is a good idea for them to carry around their own money/debit card. Here are some cool wallets your teen boy will love as a gift.

Thread Wallet: These slim wallets are stylish and perfect for a teen boy gift. I would purchase a lanyard to go with it (no more lost keys or wallet!). 

Marvel Superhero Wallet: Let your Marvel-loving teen boy show his appreciation for super heroes with a fun and colorful wallet. Lots of different designs (and superheroes!) to choose from. 

Nike Wallet: If your teen boy is an athlete, grab him a Nike wallet or Champion wallet. 

Self-Care Gifts for Teen boys

This is the age when most boys start to care about how they look and smell (thank goodness!). Here are some self-care gifts that will encourage them to look their best. 

Remedy Body Wash: This soap contains tea tree oil and eucalyptus which can help fight many of the issues teen boys face like body odor, athlete’s foot, ringworm and jock itch. Every Man Jack bodywash is another brand that my teenage son loves. It has a great smell!

Back Scrubber for Shower: Not only does this back scrubber feel nice, it can also help clear up acne on your teen boy’s back (which is a common problem area). 

Harry’s Shaving Kit: While shaving isn’t a teen boy’s favorite activity, you can make it a little better with a new shaving kit. This one includes a razor handle, three razor blade refills and shaving cream. These are the razors my teen son and husband use and love. You could also splurge and go with an electric wet/dry razor

A black teen boy sits outside leaning against a wall. He is wearing headphones and looking down at a screen.

Tech Gifts for Teen boys: 

Kindle Paperwhite eReader: If your teen boy is a reader, this is one of the best tech gifts you can buy for him! He will love having thousands of books at his fingertips and how easy it is to borrow eBooks from the library for free. 

GoPro Action Camera: GoPros are the OG of action video cameras. Your teen boy can have tons of fun with his buddies creating videos full of action! There are less expensive action cameras available as well with amazing reviews. 

Echo Show: This little piece of tech can be so fun for a teen boy to have in his room. It is great to listen to music, watch shows or even chat with buddies (plus if YOU have an Echo device, you can use it like an intercom to “drop in” or send reminders. 

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Cozy/Comfort Gifts for Teen Boys: 

Even though they are big grown-upish boys…I’ve found that teen boys still love to feel cozy and comfortable. Here are some gifts that will give comfort. 

Hooded Robe: Heading in and out of the shower or just keeping warm while watching a movie, this hooded robe is cozy, comes in lots of colors and would be a great teen boy gift. 

Minky Blanket: Minkies are expensive but SO worth it! This is a blanket your boy will protect at all costs! Alternatively, you could purchase a less expensive Faux Fur/Sherpa Blanket.

Heated Back/Neck Massager: This massager would be a great gift for a teen boy who is an athlete! 

Gifts to help your teen boy have fun with friends: 

ESPN 2 player indoor arcade game:  We have this game and it is amazingly fun for our boys! Your teen boy will love this gift and you’ll love that it gets him and his buddies off screens and being active. 

Arcade Machine with 60 retro games: This is a big ticket gift for teen boys but would be awesome in a game room or your teen’s bedroom. He and his buddies (and dad!) would have a blast with these old school video games. 

GoSports Slam 4-way Volleyball Net: This would make an awesome active gift for teen boys. It is a combo of four square and volleyball that can be played with 2-4 players. 

A teen boy with dark skin stands in front of a soccer net. he is wearing a white jersey and holds a soccer ball. he is smiling and looking at the camera.

Fitness Gifts for Teen Boys: 

If your teen boy loves sports or fitness, these gifts will be an excellent choice. 

Doorway Pull-up Bar: The thing I love about doorway pull-up bars is that your teen will just constantly jump up/hang/pull-up on it! It is a constant source of entertainment (and fitness) every time he walks in or out of his room. 

Speed Jump Rope: A jumprope is one of the best exercises for a fast and easy cardio workout. It can be done indoors or out and is super portable as well. 

Boxing Punching Bag with Stand: Unlike a typical hanging punching bag, this doesn’t take up a ton of space. It is great gift for teen boys because it provides them with a way to relieve stress, increases hand-eye coordination and sharpens their reflexes. Make sure to grab training boxing gloves to go along with this gift!

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Room Decor Gifts for Teen boys

Teen boys will love a gift that spruces up their bedroom or makes it more fun to hang out in there! Here are some great ideas. 

CordaRoy’s Convertible Bean Bag Chair: This makes a great chair for a teen boy’s bedroom because it can convert to a full size bed by taking the memory foam center out of the bean bag! Your teen can easily convert it when he has a friend or cousin spend the night. 

LED Light Strip: Your teen boy can attach these anywhere in his room (desk, closet etc). They change color and can be operated by a remote or an app. 

Space Dog Star Projector: My teenage son saw this and thought it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. Haha! It is a spacedog star projector that doubles as a bluetooth speaker and white noise sound maker. Kind of a funny gift but one I think a teen boy would use (and get a laugh out of!). 

Minecraft Building Block Light There are such cool Minecraft room accessories these days! This particular lamp can actually be changed and built using the minecraft blocks. You could also buy a Minecraft Torch Lamp that can be mounted on the wall or freestanding. . 

Basketball Laundry Hamper: This hamper made a huge difference in the amount of laundry on my teen boy’s floor! It is BIG, and the bottom net opens to empty into a laundry basket…this is a gift both you and your teen boy will love!

Stainless Steel Magnet Board: A 17.5” x 11.5” magnet board will give your son a space to display his current favorites. You could grab some gaming magnets or tiny powerful magnets

The Best Books for Teen Boy Gifts: 

The Worst Case Scenario Handbook: This book has practical advice for surviving events like dropping your cell phone in the toilet all the way to landing a plane if the pilot passes out. Your teen boy will be entertained and informed!

Modern Guide to Investing in Stocks for Teens: Teens are hearing all about stocks and cryptocurrencies, and this book will give them a great (and early!) introduction into navigating investment. 

Michael Vey Complete Collection Books 1-7: Teen boys will connect with this book that is about an average boy with exceptional powers. He finds his place with a group of friends and they work together to try and stop a dangerous organization from taking over the world. This was my oldest teen boy’s favorite book series and would make an excellent gift. 

Ride-on Toys for Teen Boys: 

Whether your teen boy is old enough to drive a car or not, he’ll still love having his own set of wheels to zip around on! Here are some of the most popular ride-on toys for teens. 

Inmotion One Wheel Electric Unicycle: This is pricey but super popular with teens. It takes a few tries to get the hang of, but my teen son and his friends love One Wheels!

Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter: An electric kick scooter can go 18.6 mph for up to 28 miles! 

Electric Skateboard with Remote: This is an entry level electric skateboard with a max speed of 13 mph and can go up to 6 miles in one charge. You could also go with an Electric Longboard

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Toy Gifts for Teen Boys

One thing I’ve learned as a mom of three boys is that they NEVER stop loving toys! They might say they don’t want a toy, but I always get at least one “just for fun” toy for every birthday/Christmas and they absolutely love it. Here are some toys to gift your teen boy!

Pindaloo Skill Game This toy is simple and the perfect gift for teen boys. My oldest son has this and basically you fling a ball through the U shaped tube and catch it on the other end. Challenging and fun!

Juggling Balls: This is a fun talent for a teen boy to have! Grab some juggling balls (or these super cool LED light up juggling balls) and encourage your teen to learn the art of juggling!

Drone/Quadcopter: Little boys who grow up to be teens never stop loving remote control toys! This quadcopter doesn’t have a camera but can do flips and tricks and will be lots of fun for your teen boy!

Fun Board Games for Teen Boys

I love gifting teen boys board games they can play with their friends! Anything that gets them off of screens and connecting with actual people is a win-win to me!

Poker Set: One of my best ever teen boy birthday parties was a poker party! Teen boys feel super cool and grown-up when you teach them how to play poker (and let them do it with chips but not actual money!). This set comes with enough poker chips and playing cards for a big group of teen boys to play! (There are also smaller and less expensive sets available!)

Pick Your Poison-What Would You Rather Do Game: Teen boys often love to chat, and this game gets teens and their friends thinking of all sorts of “Would you rathers” that are interesting and entertaining. 

Anomia: In this card game, players have a stack of cards with words and symbols on it. Everyone flips their cards until two players have matching symbols. Then they race to give an example of the category on their opponent’s card first! Super fun, interactive and fast moving, this is a great teen boy board game! 

The Chameleon: This is such a fun group game! You draw cards and one secretly reveals one person as the “Chameleon.” Everyone else’s card reveals (through a grid code) a word on a category card. Players go one by one and give a one word clue that refers to the secret word. The chameleon has to give a clue not knowing what the secret word is but also not revealing they are the chameleon (so some sort of very general word that can apply to a lot of the words on the card!). At the end of each round the chameleon can choose to guess the word OR other players can vote on who they think the chameleon is. 

Throw, Throw Avocado: This game is kind of like Spoons but with a throwable Avocado. HA! Players race to get matches and collect cards that cause Avocado duels. Yes, your teen boy will enjoy chucking an avocado at his friends or family!

Snakesss: Another great group game for teen boys, this combines trivia questions with social deduction (basically figuring out who is lying!). Some players are designated as snakes and given the answer to the trivia. Everyone tries to convince people to choose their answer. 

Did I do it? Did you find a great gift for your teen boy? I sure hope so! 

Happy Gifting!


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