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42 Adorable Gift Ideas for 1-year-old Baby Girls

When you are searching for gift ideas for 1-year-old baby girls it’s hard not to buy everything because little girl gifts are just so darn cute!

1-year-olds are starting to be more mobile, interact more and show their personalities. 

I’m excited to share the best gifts for 1 year-old-girls. I have two daughters myself and these are some of the toys and products that they have loved and played with the most. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Open Ended Play Gift Ideas for 1-year-old Baby Girls 

The reason open ended toys are a smart purchase is because they can be used in more than one way. Kids will play with these toys longer and be able to ue their imaginations. 

Rainbow stacking blocks these blocks have endless possibilities for play! Your 1 year-old-girl will love making rainbows, houses, and more!  Plus, it will help with fine motor skill development!

Wooden Baby Push Walker This adorable wood and fabric doll stroller is also a sturdy walker. Your 1-year-old baby girl will love pushing this around with dollies, stuffed animals and all sorts of things! 

Melissa and Doug Wooden Activity Table: Not only is this table colorful, it will also help your 1-year-old baby girl with her standing skills AND she will play with it for years. 

Gifts for 1-year-old Girl to help develop Fine motor skills 

Magnetic worm game your 1 year old girl will love feeding the birdies with this fun magnetic worm game. 

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket This toy combines pretend play with the fine motor skills your 1-year-old will need to sort the shapes. It has music, lights and will be such a fun toy for pretend picnicking. 

Montessori Sensory Pull String Toy This toy is satisfying for babies as the get to pull the “strings.” Each string makes a different noise. The texture of this makes it great for chewing as well!

A baby girl wearing a pink princess shirt sits in a pile of stuffed animals. She is looking up at someone. Her hair is in a ponytail.

Imaginary Play gift ideas for 1-year-old Baby Girls

Disney Princess Dress-up Trunk: This 21-piece dress up set comes with a cardboard trunk. Your 1-year-old girl will adore putting on pretty dresses and bows!

Melissa and Doug Pretty Purse Your little girl will love pretending to be like mommy with this cute imaginary play toy! If there is a Melissa and Doug option of toys I always choose it…their toys are high quality AND their customer support can’t be beat!

Little People Play House: This is an excellent imaginary play gift idea for a 1-year-old girl! The playhouse has songs, lights, 3 little people and all sorts of fun ways for your little girl to play pretend. It has 80+ songs, sounds and phrases. 

Baby Doll Gifts for 1-year-old Girls 

There is just something incredibly sweet about a baby carrying around her own baby! 1-year-olds love to have baby dolls, and here are some of our favorites. 

Basket of Babies: There is so much to love about this gift for 1-year-old baby girls! It comes with six plush and culturally diverse baby dolls! The hats are attached but the sleep sacks are removable. Plus it is a BASKET OF BABIES hahaha! Picture your little girl hauling a basket o’ babies around. The cutest!

Soft Doll with magnet pacifier: This doll was the one we bought for my girls when they were one-year-olds. I love it because it is soft and cuddly, comes in all sorts of skin and hair colors, and the pacifier attaches with a binky. Super cute! 

Melissa and Doug Feeding and Changing Set Give your little girl all of the accessories she’ll need to feed and take care of her baby doll. 

Ride-On Toys for 1-year-old Girls

1-year-old girls are often just barely walking…but there are still great ride-on toys that they can use and enjoy. Here are our favorites!

Wheely Ride-on Animal: These are the most adorable ride-on toys you’ve ever seen! Choose from several different animals. Your one-year-old girl will have so much fun riding on a critter!

Balance Bike: As soon as your little girl can stand-up, she’ll be able to start on a balance bike.

Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Ride-on Tricycle  Your little girl will love storing things in the back bin and you’ll love the adjustable seat and a push handle that will make bike rides with a 1-year-old much less difficult. haha!

Climbing Toys 1-year-year-old girls will love

Toddlers love to climb climb climb! These gifts will let them climb safely!

Amazon Basics Soft Play Climber is four foam shapes that can be hooked together with velcro. One of the pieces works like a small slide! I love how these foam climber shape can be used in so many different ways…it will last for many years and comes with a two year warranty. 

This Pikler Junior Triangle is a small size version of a traditional Pikler Triangle. It is only 25” tall and is a great choice for young children. This one includes an amazing ramp that serves as a slide on one side, or a climbing ramp/ladder on the other. Another bonus of this Pikler Junior Triangle is that it can fold up so you can store it under a bed or in a spare room.

This 3-in-1 plastic slide would make an amazing climbing toy for your 1-year-old girl. Not only does it come in six different adorable animal designs, it is also long and very sturdy. The climbing steps are 28” high, and the slide itself is 53” long. One side has a basketball hoop, there is a tunnel for climbing beneath and of course the stairs and slide. And believe me, if you have a 1-year-old there will be plenty of climbing UP the slide. If you have the space, this would be a great indoor toy as well!

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Active Outdoor Toys for 1-year-old Girls

Encourage 1-year-old girls to be active outside with these amazing outdoor toys.

Water Table: I add water tables to most of my younger gift guides because kids LOVE them! A water table is one of the BEST toy purchases you will make for your kids and it will last for years and years. Not only can you use a water table outdoors with your 1-year-old girl, you can also bring it into a kitchen with towels and use it indoors in the winter (we did it all the time!). 

Splash Pad Sprinkler: This mini splash pad will provide hours of active outdoor play for your 1-year-old. 

Little Tikes Fairy Cozy Coupe: Doors that open and shut, a working steering wheel and decorations that make the couple look like a fairy princess…your 1-year-old girl will love this gift!

Active Inside Toys 1-year-old Girls will Love

6-foot Play Tunnel: Not only does this tunnel fold up super small, it is also an amazing gift that will help your 1-year-old girl stay active indoors. Toddlers will love to  play peek-a-boo, chase and repetitively crawl through this play tunnel over and over again!

Foam Ball Pit +200 colored balls: Toddlers will adore climbing in and out of this pit and throwing balls! If you are looking for a ball pit that takes up a little less space, you could go with a pop up ball tent that can be stored flat when not in use. 

Animal Hopper: There are lots of inflatable hopper animals to choose from. This unicorn is SO darn cute (and even cuter when your 1-year-old girl is bouncing around on it!) 

Best Light-Up Toys for 1-year-old girls

Cocomelon Ultimate Learning Bus This TOTY2022 (Toy of the Year) award winner will make a great gift for 1-year-old girls. This light up toy has the Cocomelon characters littles love with 300+ words, phrases and songs including the ABCs and 123s. When toddlers place the letter tokens it plays info about that letter. This is an educational toy for 18 months and up, so it will last awhile.  

Munchkin Music Cube: My babies all loved this toy! It is a light-up cube that plays classical music. As you push each side it either eliminates or adds in instruments. 

VTech Light-up Baby Touch Tablet: Parents will love the educational aspect of this light up baby tablet and your 1-year-old girl will love feeling like all the big kids with her own device! It shows letters, has 10 pretend apps and activities and over 160 songs, phrases and sounds.  

Music Gifts for 1 year-old-girls

Music helps your baby’s brain develop in some amazing ways! It can help babies learn to speak faster, increase creativity, helps with spatial awareness (for future math), and increases your baby’s ability to remember things. That is why music toys are great gift ideas for your 1-year-old baby girl!

Wooden Music Set: Music Not only do 1 year-old-girls love to create music, music is also a wonderful way to help your child’s brain develop. So turn on some tunes and let your little girl groove along with his own instruments! This set is beautiful and sure to last a long time. 

Karaoke Jukebox: This adorable toy is a perfect fit for this age. There are different songs your 1-2 year old can slide into the jukebox. Add lights, nursery rhymes and a stand/handle and you’ve got a great gift for little girls to sing and dance to!

Xylophone Pull Toy: This is a classic toy because it is perfect for littles! They can play the xylophone or pull it around and listen to the music it plays!

A two year old girl wearing a green polka dot shirt looks down at a book in her lap. Here Hair is dark and she has long bangs.

Books to Gift 1-year-old Girls

1-year-olds love books! At this age I go with sturdy board books so they can take the usual beating of being chewed on and dropped. Here are some of our favorites books for this age. 

Priddy Books Perfect Pets: Priddy books have the most gorgeous and colorful pictures, and this board book also has the touch and feel aspect that 1-year-old girls will love. They can pet the book pets and learn all about animals!

My big day Quiet Book: This quiet book is full of activities your 1-year-old girl will have so much fun with! There are 20 interactive toy pieces that can move from page to page. Your  

Disney Baby Princess Board Book Set 12 board books that will introduce your 1-year-old girl to Disney princesses. I remember being so excited to start reading Disney princess books with my two daughters!

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Building Toys for 1-year-old Girls

Encourage your 1-year-old girl’s motor skills and spacial awareness with building toys. There are some new and interesting options besides just legos. 

Balancing Stones  Your 1-year-old girl will love stacking these beautiful wooden stones. 

Giant Building Blocks: These require some space for storage, but they are amazingly fun and sturdy! We had these for all of my kids’ growing up years and build some amazing things with them. 

Flower Garden Building Toy– This garden building toy is such a sweet gift idea for a 1-year-old baby girl! Using the stems and the flower pieces your little girl can make a beautiful indoor garden. 

Art/Creative Gifts for 1-year-old Girls

Gift your 1-year-old baby girl toys that will help her be creative!  

Melissa and Doug Water Wow Books: Just add water to the water wow pen and your toddler can make colors appear like magic (but without the mess!). 

Magic Doodle Aqua Mat: 1-year-old girls will love being able to draw on this mat with water and parents will love not having to clean up a mess! 

Adjustable Standing Art Easel: This can be moved up and down for different heights and has dry erase markers, chalk and magnets. 

Classic Toys for 1-year-old baby girl gift

Fisher Price Classic Record Player Record players are totally back, and this classic toy will be such a fun 1-year-old girl gift! She can change the songs by switching out the plastic record and turning a dial to power it up. 

Sit N Spin: This child propelled spinning toy takes a bit to get the hang of, but little girls will love spinning around once they figure it out! 

Tickle-Me Elmo: While not as old as these other classic toys (this toy was introduced in 1996), tickle-me Elmo is still a great gift for a 1-year-old girl. Elmo laughs and giggles, kicks his feet and falls over. 

I hope you found one (or many!) great gifts for your 1-year-old baby girl!

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