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48 Exciting Gifts for 1-2 year old Boys

Gifts for 1-2 year old boys are so much fun! At this age boys are really coming into their boundless ENERGY. They are starting to communicate and their fine and gross motor skills are developing quickly. You really start to see their personalities and preferences shine!

It is amazing to watch them grow and learn and the toys you purchase for them can help them with their development. 

I’m excited to share the best gifts for 1-2 year old boy! I’ve had three of them myself so I know which toys and gifts will get played with for a long time and which ones won’t last very long. Here are my best gift ideas for 1-2 year old boys. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Open Ended Play Gifts for 1-2 year old boy

Open Ended Play means that the toy can be used in a lot of different ways…you aren’t limited to one way of playing. These types of toys tend to get played with for longer periods of time and promote imagination. 

Rainbow stacking blocks these blocks have endless possibilities for play! Your 1-2 year old boy can make rainbows, boats, car ramps, houses and more! 

Green Toys Wagon We have quite a few Green Toys at our house and we love them! They are made from recycled milk cartons and are so sturdy. This wagon makes a great gift for a 1-2 year old boy because he will love to fill it with various toys and pull it around (both inside and out!). It is just their size too! 

Train Table I have five kids and because of this my younger four had access to a train table when they were one. As soon as they could pull themselves to standing, they LOVED playing on the train table! As your kids get older this toy continues to be great for open-ended play! They can make different tracks, make pretend towns and cities. PLUS the height of the train table makes it great for playing with blocks and other toys. You won’t regret this buy!

The Best Fine motor skills Toys for 1-2 year old boys

Magnetic worm game your 1-2 year old boy will love feeding the birdies with this fun magnetic worm game. 

Wooden Shape Sorter This is a classic toy that 1-2 year old boys will love. It is sturdy and will last through countless sorting and throwing and will help your little guy develop fine motor skills. 

Light Switch Sensory Board Oh my goodness little boys will LOVE this! It helps with fine motor skills AND teaches cause and effect (flip a switch, light turns on!). Moms will love that this is portable and 1-2 year old boys will love the power this toy gives them!

Imaginary Play Gifts for 1-2 year old boys

Lawn Mower Bubble Blower: 1-2 year old boys LOVE to pretend do yard work! This adorable lawn mower will let your son work alongside you in the yard AND have the fun of bubbles. 

SuperHero Capes and Masks: Girls love superheroes too! Gift her a imaginary play gift that helps her to feel powerful!

Mini Wooden Tool and Workbench: This is a gorgeous tool set that will let your 1-2 year old boy screw, hammer and measure to their hearts content (and work on their fine motor skills!). Plus it will last through many kids!

Super Fun Ride On Toys for 1-2 year old Boys

3-in-1 Scooter: This is pricey, but will grow up with your child from 1 all the way up to 5 or 6! It has a parent push bar that can be removed, a seat for scooting, then can change into a three wheel scooter. PLUS it has lights your 1-2 year old boy will totally dig. 

Wheely Ride-on Animal: These are the most adorable things you’ve ever seen! Choose from several different animals. Your little one will look absolutely adorable and have so much fun on this ride-on toy. 

Balance Bike: As soon as your little boy stand-up, he’ll be able to start on a balance bike! 

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Active Outdoor Toys 1-2 year old Boys will Love

Water Table: Take it from me…a water table is one of the BEST toy purchases you will make for your kids! Kids LOVE water…and the table can be used indoors or outdoors! I would put beach towels on the kitchen floor and put the water table on on top when it was too cold to play outside. We’ve used out water table for years and years! 

Light Up Slide: This is another toy that can be used indoor or outdoors and will provide a ridiculous amount of fun for 1-2 year old boys. 

Little Tikes Cozy Truck: Every kid needs a Cozy Coupe! And this “manly” truck version is perfect gift for 1-2 year old boys.  

The Best Inside Toys for Active 1-2 year old boy Gifts

6-foot Play Tunnel: Not only does this tunnel fold up super small, it is also an amazing gift that will help your 1-2 year old boy stay active indoors. Toddlers will love to  play peek-a-boo, chase and repetitively crawl through this play tunnel over and over again!

Amazon Basics Soft Play Climber A foam play climber is an excellent indoor toy for 1-2 year old boys. It has four foam shapes that can be hooked together with hook and loop (velcro) strips. One of the pieces functions as a small slide. 

A Pikler Junior Triangle is a small size version of a traditional Pikler Triangle. It is only 25” tall and is a great choice for 1-2 year old boys. This active indoor toy has a ramp that serves as a slide on one side, or a climbing ramp/ladder on the other. It can be folded up as well. 

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Cool Car Toy Gifts for 1-2 year old Boys

Press and Go Cars: These cars are so much fun for little boys! They push on the top and then the car zooms forward. Your 1-2 year old boy will love being able to make his car go fast with a simple push!

Little People Launch and Loop Raceway: This is a gift for 1-2 year old boys that will last for YEARS. It has a double car launcher so they can race two cars at the same time, plus a loop-de-loop, a gas pump and lots of lights and fun tracks. This is a bestseller on Amazon 

Toy Car/Ball Tube: Add some balls or cars to this gift and you will have a 1-2 year old boy who is in heaven for hours! They can slant the tube and race any number of things down it. My boys didn’t have this but I am certain they would have loved it! We did the same on a much smaller level with cardboard tubes. This is a great gift for little boys!

Best Light-Up Toy Gifts for 1-2 year old Boys

1-2 year old boys will love these light-up toys! 

Munchkin Music Cube: This is one of my toddlers’ favorite light-up toys. It plays classical music and with each touch of a different cube removes or adds instruments. 

Light-up Whack-a-Mole Game: This musical hammer game is perfection for 1-2 year old boys. They will love the music, the lights and, of course pounding on things!

Cocomelon Ultimate Learning Bus If you have a Cocomeon lover in your house, this TOTY2022 (Toy of the Year) award winner will make a great gift for 2 year old boys. This is an educational toy for 18 months and up. It has the Cocomelon characters littles love with 300+ words, phrases and songs including the ABCs and 123s. It comes with letter tokens that once inserted will play phrases about that letter. 

Music Gifts for 1-2 year old boys

Wooden Music Set: Not only do 1-2 year old boys love to create music, music is also a wonderful way to help your child’s brain develop. So turn on some tunes and let your little boy groove along with his own instruments! This set is beautiful and sure to last a long time. 

Karaoke Jukebox: This adorable toy is a perfect fit for this age. There are different songs your 1-2 year old can slide into the jukebox. Add lights, nursery rhymes and a stand/handle and you’ve got a great gift for little boys to sing and dance to!

Linkimals Musical Penguin Toy: These cute toys have lights and music AND if you buy other Linkimal toys they can connect to each other and interact.   

Cute Books to Gift your 1-2 year old Boy

I always love to gift books because they are my favorite things! Here are some special books that were my 1-2 year old boy favorites. 

Construction Touch and Feel Board Book: This book will let your son read all about the construction vehicles little boys tend to LOVE with textures they can feel on each page. 

Box Set of My First Books: My kids love the “My First” books. Vibrant pictures and subjects 1-2 year old boys will love (animals, transport, food etc). 

Hear Bear Roar 30-button animal Sound: Eric Carle pictures combined with buttons that make animal sounds = a book your 1-2 year old boy will play until you loose your mind. 

Building Toys for 1-2 year old Boys

Balancing Stones  Your 1-2 year old boy will love stacking these beautiful wooden stones. 

Giant Building Blocks: These require some space for storage, but they are amazingly fun and sturdy! We had these for all of my kids’ growing up years and build some amazing things with them. 

Dinosaur Sorting and Stacking Blocks: Little boys will adore making towers and can have fun putting the tiny dinos in the little houses.  

Art/Creative Gifts for 1-2 year old Boys

Magic Doodle Aqua Mat: 1-2 year old boys will love being able to draw on this mat with water and parents will love not having to clean up a mess! 

Adjustable Standing Art Easel: This can be moved up and down for different heights and has dry erase markers, chalk and magnets. 

Electronic Drawing Board:  These boards are great, quiet and portable fun! Your 1-2 year old boy will love being able to scribble and draw to his heart’s content. 

Fun Sports Gifts for 1-2 Year Old Boys

Adjustable Basketball hoop: I’m telling you this is a must have gift for boys and girls! 1-2 year old just love to aim, shoot or stuff the ball into the net. These are durable and can be played with inside or out. 

T-Ball Set: Boys will love to set and smack baseballs off of this t-ball set.  

Foldable Mini Trampoline with Bar/Ball Pit: Let your little guy get all of his wiggles out and get strong muscles and endurance with this trampoline. As a bonus, it can fold up AND be used as a ball pit.  

Fun Room Decor to Gift your 1-2 year old Boy

Room decor can be a great gift idea for 1-2 year old boys, especially if you are trying not to add more toys to the mix. 

Teepee Tent: Your little boy will LOVE having his own space to pretend in, read in, or take a little rest. 

2-in-1 cuddly Couch: Kids love to have a chair just their size and this one does double duty. It can be a chair or fold out into a lounging mat. So much fun for a 1-2 year old boy gift!

Bunny Nightlight: This nightlight is made of soft silicone and changes to 7 different colors, plus it is adorable! 

Fun (but active) Board Games for 1-2 year Old Boys

Red Light Green Light Motion Sensing Game: This game is so much fun for 1-2 year old boys! It has a motion sensor and lights so that your little guy and his friend can play the game on their own. 

Elefun is a classic board game for this age group. Using nets,  little ones can chase and catch butterflies that are being blown into the air by an elephant trunk. 

Think Fun Roll and Play Game: This game is designed as a “first game” for you to play with your toddler. You roll the colored plush dice and then do the action listed on the corresponding colored card. So sweet! 

Classic Toys 1-2 Year Old Boys will Enjoy

Tonka Truck Dump Trick There is something about a little boy and his dump truck! These are built to last and will provide hours of filling and dumping fun for a 1-2 year old boy gift. 

Spin N Say: 1-2 year old boys will love pulling the handle of this Spin N Say, watching the pointer spin and then hearing the animal sound. 

Sit N Spin: This child propelled spinning toy takes a bit to get the hang of, but little boys will love spinning around once they figure it out! 

I hope these gifts ideas for 1-2 year old boys will be something your little boy will love!

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