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42 Amazing Gifts for a 16-year-old Boy

Looking for gifts for a 16-year-old boy but have an impossible 16-year-old boy on your gift list? I’ve got you covered with amazing gift ideas for teen boys (from a mom of five who knows!)

If you have a 16 year old boy or a soon to be 16 year old boy in your life, you know that they are very challenging to buy gifts for.  They are at that difficult age when they have less variety in their hobbies and/or basically want to spend time with their friends. 

However, there is hope! 16 is a great age to help young men dive deep into their favorite hobbies whether that is sports, video games, music, cars, etc. 

I’ve tried to cover LOTS of different types of 16-year-old boys in the hopes that this gift guide will inspire you with an amazing gift you’ll love to give, and he’ll love to receive! So keep on scrolling…there are tons of fun gift ideas for teen boys!

I also created some foldable cards (with teen boys in mind) that you can purchase for only 99 cents, download and print from your computer. Use them as a folding card OR cut the front out and use it as a traditional gift tag. I recommend printing them on cardstock.

Digital Download: Diagonal Background bruh. Card for teen boy
Digital Download: Cartoon Speech Bubble Sixteen card for teen boy.
Digital Download: Tag with “YOU” on it card for teen boy.
Digital Download: Starburst Background 16 card for teen boy.
Digital Download: Brick Background bruh card for teen boy.
Digital Download: Futuristic one six card for teen boy

Now, without further ado, check out these 42 AMAZING gift ideas for a 16 year old boy.  

This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Outdoor active toys gifts for teen boys

Outdoor toys are a great way to get your 16 year old boy outside PLAYING! 

Foldable Electric Bike

Teens will love this folding electric bike. It is a bit of an investment, sure…but it is super popular among teen boys right now.

Spikeball Pro

Another great gift for that will get your 16-year-old boy outside and active with their buddies is this Spikeball Pro Net. Spikeball is a new game that is essentially action filled volleyball (the net is on the ground, similar to a small trampoline) that relies on teamwork. It can be played anywhere, and there are even pro leagues and tournaments!

Gel Ball Gun 

Similar to a Paintball gun, the gel ball gun shoots eco friendly gel balls. It’s like the grown up version of a nerf gun! Buy a couple for your 16 year old boy and some of his friends and they will have a blast for sure!

STEM Gifts for a 16-year-old Boy

If your teen loves all things science, buy him one of these interesting STEM gifts.

Lego Mindstorms Robot Building Set

An investment, yes! But this Lego Robot Building Kit would make an amazing gift for your teen if he enjoys STEM.

Remote Control Airplane

Your teen will love this remote control airplane!

Paper Airplane Engine

This engine is controlled by a smart phone app. Your teen will have fun designing different paper airplanes and then operating them with this engine. I would add this World Record paper airplane book!

Indoor Gifts to Keep your Teen Boy Active

If you have a 16-year-old boy on your list who is into sports, these gifts will help them stay active inside…no matter what sport they play. 

Adjustable Dumbbells

These adjustable dumbbells may seem expensive, but in reality you are getting 10 different weights of dumbbells. Useful for any 16 year old boy that likes to lift, they can be used for a variety of lifts to build muscle.

Training Jump Rope

Jump Roping is one of the most efficient cardio exercises at burning calories. A training jumprope can be used in more compact spaces and is effective for staying in shape without a gym. It makes a great gift for active 16 year old boys.

Pull Up Bar 

A pull up bar is great for building strength through the whole body. It can easily fit into a bedroom doorway or a spare doorway in the house, and any athletic 16 year old boy will love it as a gift. 

Tech Gifts for a 16-year-old Teen Boy

Obviously tech is big draw for teen boys, these gifts are a fun and creative way to satisfy that love of technology.

Mini Drone

This small remote controlled drone is sure to be a hit. It can do flips and fly around the house without causing damage! Any 16 year old boy would love this gift.

Apple Air Tag

Apple Air Tags can be placed on any item. They are designed to track the item and you can tell them to make a noise in order to track down the lost item. They are super neat and would make a great gift for a forgetful 16 year old boy!

Gaming/Movie Projector

Not only does this projector come with a screen that can be easily hung in your teen’s room, it can also be used for a teen who loves to watch movies (or YouTube) OR a teen who loves to game. This can easily be connected with an HDMI cord to a gaming system OR be used with an inexpensive FireTV Stick. Your 16-year-old boy will love a projector as a gift.  

Gifts for 16-year-old boy who has a Smart phone

These accessories will be a hit gift for any teen boy with a smart phone.

Wireless iPhone Charger

If your 16 year old boy has an iPhone, he will love this wireless charger. Charging is much more convenient and is faster than traditional charging. Just make sure it is compatible with the iPhone he has. Android phone? There’s a wireless charger for that too!

Adhesive Phone Wallet

This phone wallet can stick right on the back of an existing phone case! It is cheap, useful, and compatible with all devices. Many Teenagers don’t have a wallet yet, and if your teenage boy is turning 16 he can use this for his new driver’s license. Another alternative to an Amazon purchase are these Walli Cases, same concept but with different patterns/options. Lots of great choices for a teen boy phone wallet.

Extended iPhone Charging Cord

We all know that teenagers love to be on their phones. This extended iPhone Charging cord is a perfect gift for a 16 year old! They can enjoy their phone at a greater distance from the outlet, which can make them significantly more comfortable. 

Gifts for a teen boy who loves music

Music is another common passion of teens (boys and girls!) You can give them a gift that will help them enjoy one of their favorite pastimes.


Bluetooth Speaker for Shower: Teens love to listen to music, a great gift idea for a 16-year-old boy is this bluetooth speaker that he can put in his shower. This one has a suction cup to attach it to the shower wall, as well as a clock so they know what time they need to stop dancing in the shower and start getting ready for school.

Wireless Headphones: Teenage boys love listening to music, and a good pair of headphones enhances that experience a lot! Two great headphone options are the Apple Airpods and wireless Beats Headphones. They both have great sound, wireless capabilities, and are portable.

Itunes Gift Card for Apple Music

The benefits that come with the premium versions of music streaming apps are huge! Your 16 year old teenage boy will love this gift if he likes music! You could choose from a Spotify Premium subscription or an iTunes Gift Card for Apple Music. These would also be paired great with a speaker or some headphones.

Photography/Videography Gifts for Teen Boys

If the 16-year-old on your list has expressed an interest in photography or making movies, why not buy some gifts that will help him explore those hobbies? Here are some fun photography/videography gift Ideas for your 16-year-old boy.

Phone Lens

If you don’t have the money to shell out for a new camera, look no further. This clip on lens enhances the picture quality of mobile phones. It is compatible with nearly every phone as well.

Nikon Coolpix DSLR Camera

Nikon is known around the world for its high quality cameras. This Coolpix is a great introductory camera for a 16-year-old who is interested in photography. This comes with a tripod, a camera bag and all of the cables and memory cards needed to take amazing photos.

Action Video Camera

This is a less expensive version of a GoPro camera. These cameras shoot amazing video! They are waterproof, and can capture action with amazing clarity.

Gifts for new Drivers

Obviously driving is the big milestone happening with the 16-year old boy you are buying gifts for. Here are some fun car accessories that make great teen boy gifts.

Car Wash Kit

If the 16 year old boy you are gifting for recently got a car, the car wash kit is a perfect gift for him! He can make his car look good as new without having to pay for a traditional wash.

Car Phone Mount

This mount is perfect for keeping your teen’s phone out of his hands while he drives. It will also provide a safe way for him to use the mapping feature as he navigates (and it looks cool!)

Leather Keychain Strap

This handsome keychain strap is sturdy and can clip by carabiner to backpacks or belt straps. There are a few different colors to choose from.

Books for a teen boy gift

Whenever possible, I love to gift books! Here are some great books that teen boys will enjoy.

Bushcraft 101 book: I think every teen boy likes the thought of trying to survive by himself in the wild. This Bushcraft 101 book is a fun read that will give him skills to survive in the wild. Even boys who don’t love to read will enjoy flipping through and reading tidbits. You could pair this book with bushcraft tools like a Ferro Rod Fire Starter Kit.


Legend is a dystopian novel full of action and excitement. It comes highly recommended by my 16-year-old son!

Kindle Paperwhite

If your 16-year-old boy is an avid reader, the Kindle Paperwhite would make an amazing gift. It can store hundreds of books at a time and it is waterproof. What we love most about it is the ability to download ebooks from our local library in a flash.

Big ticket gifts for teen boys

Maybe you are looking for a BIG gift for your 16-year-old boy. Here are some more expensive bit ticket gift ideas.

Gaming PC

If your 16 year old boy likes video games, he will love his own Gaming PC. Gaming PCs are superior to traditional gaming consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch) because they have more speed and power. Your 16 year old boy will love the silky smooth experience of a gaming PC. One advantage of a gaming PC is that they can also be used for normal computer activities like school papers and research.

DJI Mini 2

This small drone is perfect for aerial photography. It features a high quality camera and advanced safety technology to keep you, others, and the drone safe. If your 16-year-old boy likes photography or remote controlled drones, this is the perfect gift for him.

Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is an all in one VR headset, meaning that you don’t need a PC to play games with it. It would make a super cool, unique gift for any 16-year-old boy who enjoys VR video games.

Sports Gifts for 16-year-old Boy

Ball Pump

Perfect for nearly every sport that involves a ball, this Nike ball pump will help your 16-year-old boy keep all of his balls in tip-top shape. It is small and can be put in a sports bag for convenient use.

Deep Tissue Massage Gun

There are more expensive options than this, but this one has great reviews. A massage gun would make a great gift for a teen boy.

Sports Duffle Bag

Give your 16-year-old a bag to haul his sports gear in. This Under Armor bag is a great size and has all of the compartments your athlete will need.  

Video gaming gifts for teen boys

Let’s face it, a LOT of teen boys are into gaming. Here are some great gifts for your 16-year-old boy who is into gaming.

PowerA Fusion Controller for Xbox and PC

The PowerA Fusion Controller is a cheaper alternative to the Xbox Elite Controller. It has all the same features, including paddles, but is cheaper as it is technically ‘off brand’. This would make a perfect gift for any 16 year old boy that loves video games.

Gaming Mouse

Not only does this mouse charge rapidly, it will help your gamer play more quickly and precisely. It’s a pricey gift but your gamer will LOVE this.

Gaming Mouse Pad

If you play on a slow sensitivity (helps with aim), your gamer’s mouse won’t run off the pad with this large gaming mouse pad. The galaxy motif makes this pad even cooler.

Room decor gifts for 16-year-old boys 

If you are stumped on a gift for your teen boy, something cool for his room is a fun direction to go. Here are some room decor gifts he will enjoy.

LED Room Lights

LED Room Lights are sure to spice up a 16-year-old boy’s room. They stick onto a surface and have a remote control to change the lights to any color. A fun, simple gift your 16 year old boy is sure to love.

Giant Foam Filled Bean Bag

Perfect reading, playing video games or just hanging out, your 16-year-old boy will think a giant bean bag in his room is the coolest.

Galaxy Projector Lamp

This projector would be super fun for your teen boy. It’s cool for the gamer or just a kid who loves the stars.

Fun Board Games for Teen Boy Gifts

Buying a board game for your teen boy will provide fun activities to do with their friends or their family. Here are some of my teen boy’s (and friends’) favorite games.

Skull King

Skull King is a super fun card game. It is fast paced and competitive, which is what makes it so entertaining! Each player has to wager how many tricks they will win in a round. 16-year-old boys will love playing this game with their friends.

Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler is a mafia style game that pits 2 teams against each other. Each player draws a card that makes them a liberal, a fascist or secretly Hitler. You try and solve who Hitler is. My son and his friends love this game and I love that they learn a bit of history while they play.

Throw Throw Burrito

This is a combo between dodgeball and spoons. A super fun party (or anytime!) game for teen boys. Just make sure they are playing in a room with no breakables.

I hope this post inspired some ideas for gifts for your 16-year-old boy!

Happy Gifting!

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