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45 Clever Gifts for 4-year-old Boys

Looking for the very best gifts for 4-year-old boys? I’ve got you! I’m a mom to five kids, and three of them are boys! Over the years I have discovered the best toys and products that keep boys active, help them learn, keep them entertained and help them explore their interests. 

I’m here to share all of my boys’ favorite gifts when they were 4-years-old. Read on for inspiration for the best gifts for boy 4-year-olds. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Open Ended Play Toys for 4-year-old boys

These gifts for 4-year-old boys don’t have just one way to play with them…this means kids play with them longer, use their imaginations and they last for many more years! 

A play tee-pee will provide hours of fun for a 4-year-old boy! He will love to hide out, pretend camp and even look at his favorite books inside this adorable tent. It can fold up and store in a closet, but is cute enough that you can leave it out in a playroom or bedroom. 

Adventure Vest 4-year-old boys love adventures! This dress-up will have him exploring inside and out! It comes with a safari hat, a storage trunk a vest, a flashlight and binoculars a waterbottle and a pretend camera. 

Moluk Bilibo This is a toy we have had for years. My boys (and girls!) love to sit and spin in it, flip it over and jump off of it, pretend to be a turtle and on and on. 

Imaginary Play Gifts for 4-year-old Boys

SuperHero Capes and Masks: Boys will love to pretend they are a superhero with these fun dress-ups.

Sword and Shield: A high quality foam sword and shield makes for an amazing boy 4-year-old gift! He will love to slay dragons with this fun imaginary toy. 

Batman Batcave: My little guys absolutely adored their Batcave! They loved pretending to battle Penguin and the Joker. This has fun trap doors, jails and batman gadgets that will help encourage imaginary play. You could also go with this amazing Pirate Cove wooden play set

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The Best Ride On Toys for 4-year-Old Boys

Pedal Go Cart: I love this ride-on-toy for 4-year-old boys because it has a steering wheel they’ll love, but pedals that keep them active! We have this pedal go cart and it is amazingly fun. 

2-in-one Scooter: This has a removable seat so if your 4-year-old isn’t quite stable for normal scootering he can sit on the seat and scootch around. 

Big Boy Bike: My kids started riding bikes around 4-years-old! Your fella will love this Paw Patrol Bike with removable training wheels. Don’t forget to buy a bike helmet!

a 4-year-old boy hangs upside down from playground equipment. He is wearing a blue coat with an orange zipper and is smiling at the camera.

Active Outdoor Toys for 4-year-old Boys

Outdoor Skipping Stones: This is the toy that keeps on being a favorite for my kids! They love to play with them outside or in. We play the Floor is Lava and make obstacle courses. 

Step2 Up and Down Roller Coaster You will not believe how much fun little kids have on this roller coaster! You need to have space for the roller coaster to drift after it goes off the coaster. 4-year-old boys will climb up, slide down, climb up, slide down for endless hours! 

Little Tikes Bounce House: Santa Claus brought this gift to our family and we have been using it for years! It is great inside on rainy days and outside with friends. 4-year-old boys are the perfect age for this size of bounce house and you’ll love how he gets his wiggles out. 

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Active Inside Toys for 4-year-old Boys

Obstacle Course Balance Beam: This could be used indoors or outdoors and is an amazing 4-year-old boy gift! He will love trying to get all the way around the circle beam and it will help him build core strength and balance. It includes 20 pieces of interlocking plastic that has different curves and heights. There is a less expensive 8 piece obstacle course balance beam as well.

Four Way Play Tunnel: Little kids LOVE to crawl through this tunnel with you or their friends! It has an opening in the center for peeking out and best of all folds up very compactly. 

Indoor Doorway Gym: This was another big Santa gift to my littles that has been well used. It hooks into the doorway very easily and has attachments including rings, a rope, a ladder and our most favorite A SWING! Your 4-year-old boy will love all of the active things he can do in his own doorway!

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4-year-old boy Technology Gifts you can feel good about

TonieBox Audio Box with Lightning McQueen -This is the greatest non-tech tech gift for your kids! It gives your kids the ability to listen to stories/songs WITHOUT a screen! Each Toniebox is a smart speaker…you place a figure on top and it plays stories and songs for that figure. There are other bundles that include Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol. Such a fun 4-year-old boy gift that will let him have hours of non-screen story and music time!

Fire Tablet for Kids: If you are ready to introduce a tablet to your 4-year-old boy, this is the best choice. We’ve had these Fire Tablets and they are perfect for this age! They are easy to set up and add parental controls, have books, educational apps and video streaming options and include a case and a 2-year worry free guarantee. If ANYTHING happens to the tablet they will send you a new one. We’ve had two replaced and it was simple and pain-free!

VTech Play Smart Laptop These little gadgets have simple educational songs and games, are portable, durable and fun!

Adorable Books for 4-year-old Boys

I loooove to gift books to everyone. Here are the books that my 4-year-old boys have loved! 

My Truck is Stuck: It has fun rhymes and adorable pictures combined with all sorts of trucks and cars. The perfect book for 4-year-old boys. 

Elephant and Piggie Books These books are quite simply the best! They are hilarious, great for early reading skills and teach great lessons. 

National Geographic Little Kids First Book of Dinosaurs: We take our dinosaurs very seriously around here. This book has a special place in my heart because my little boys just LOVED dinosaurs. This has beautiful pictures and great facts a 4-year-old boy will just dive into!

The best Building Toys for 4-year-old boy gifts

Of course Legos are the ultimate building toy…but there are many other amazing building toy options to gift 4-year-old boys if you are all legoed up. 

Design and Drill Activity Center: This is the best toy! It has a battery powered drill and includes design activity cards so he can try to match the pattern with the screws. My little kids absolutely loved to drill with this set!

Tinker Toys Classic Set: 100 tinker toy parts in a reusable tin, this classic gift is classic for a reason! Little kids love to build with these and 4-year-olds are a great age for building with these. 

Lincoln Logs Your little guy will love to build tiny homes with this wooden building set. 

The Best Car Toys for 4-year-old Boys

There is something about cars that makes them immensely appealing to little boys! Here are some fun car toys to gift your little boy.

Car Playmat Rug: Get some Matchbox cars and this playmat rug and your 4-year-old boy will have so much fun imagining he is driving around the city. 

Hot Wheels Racing Loops Tower: This is another sentimental toy for me! My little boys just loved their car tower and zooming all of the cars up and down! This one has a loop-de-loop for even more racing fun!

Green Toys Car Transporter: Green toys are incredibly durable! They are made from recycled milk jugs. Not only will your 4-year-old boy love loading and unloading the cars on this transporter, but they will last forever and look brand new (I promise!). 

STEM Gifts 4-year-old boys will love!

Big Bubble Wand and Mix: Learn about the science of bubbles (and have lots of fun!) with this giant bubble wand and powder for making enormous bubbles. 

Wooden GeoBoard with Elastics: I love to bring these with on road trips or to church. Your 4-year-old can loop the elastics to make different shapes and pictures. This helps build spatial awareness which increases their abilities in math!

Science Beakers and Droppers: One of my best parenting hacks is using these beakers! I fill up each beaker with a different color of water (food coloring) and place it on top of a towel. Kids just love combining colors and using the droppers. To add extra excitement, start adding in baking soda and vinegar for exciting bubble explosions. 

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A 4-year-old boy wearing a colorful striped sweater is coloring on white paper with a white background.

Art/Creative Gifts

This e-writing board is perfect for travel or times when your 4-year-old needs to be quite (baby nap times anyone?). He can draw and then erase his drawings with a push of the button. 

Art Easel with dry erase and chalk board: 4-year-olds are the perfect age for their very own art easel! This has a spot for paper on top, helpful storage cubes and is nice to look at. A perfect art gift for a 4-year-old boy!

Coloring Cardboard Rocket Ship: These are so much fun! He can color all over this rocketship and then use it for pretend. 

A 4-year-old boy wearing a white tank top and black shorts stands in front of a white background. He is holding a soccer ball above his head and facing off camera.

Sports Gifts for 4-year-old Boys

Sport Mini-Trampoline with bar:  Although this isn’t specific to one sport, your 4-year-old boy will get cardio exercise and have so much fun flipping and jumping!

Little Tikes T-Ball Set: This can be used inside or outside (unless you have a crazy slugger!). Plus he can use it by himself!

Ninja Punching Bag 4-year-old boys will have a hayday punching and kicking this like a real ninja!

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Room Decor 4-year-old boys will enjoy

You can also gift some fun items for your 4-year-old boy’s room! 

Bed Tent: I just purchased this for my son and he LOVES it! It has a special spot to put an iPad so they can watch a show from inside their tent, now all my kids want one!

Step 2 Flip and Doodle Desk: This desk can serve as an easel or a desk and would be a great addition to a 4-year-old boy artist’s room! It has tons of storage to keep all of his art supplies organized!

Dinosaur Star Projection Night Light: This colorful night light projects dinosaurs and stars onto the ceiling that will help your 4-year-old boy fall fast to sleep!

4-year-old Boy Gift Ideas: Board Games

Hungry Hungry Hippos Game: Marbles, fast action and hungry hippos makes for a ton of fun for little boys!

Build or Boom Game: using the provided supplies, you try to build a specific design before your opponent. Once you have your design completed, you pound the dynamite and it “booms” your opponent’s building dock. We love this game at our house! 

Car Race Track Toy Game: Using the different controllers and switches, your 4-year-old boy will try to get his race car to the end of the track. This is similar to the old “Screwball” game but is just the perfect gift for this age of boy!

Classic Toys for 4-year-old boys

Domino Train: Your 4-year-old boy will load the train up and as it drives it drops the dominos into a path you can then knock down. There are LOTS of options, this had the most reviews that were positive. It includes 80 dominos. 

Monster Stilts: These rope stilts will only make your 4-year-old boy slightly taller…but he will LOVE to walk around on these and feel like a super big boy!

Inflatable Hoppy Horse: These are just the cutest hopping horses! Yeehaw!

I hope these gifts for 4-year-old boys have sparked some inspiration for your gifting! Looking for gifts for other ages? Don’t forge to check out all of my Gift Ideas By Age

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