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48 Gifts 2-year-old Girls will Adore

Although it isn’t always easy, Gifts 2-year-old girls will love are a delight to buy. There are so many adorable gift ideas for girls this age that will keep them entertained, help them get their wiggles out and and even help them learn! 

There are loads of gift guides out there, but mine are specially curated because I have lots of mom experience (5 kids!) and because gift ideas are my jam. 

Read on for the best 2-year-old girl gifts!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

2-year-old Girl Gifts that encourage Open Ended Play

Toys designed for Open Ended Play will keep your 2-year-old girl entertained for longer because they can be used in many different ways. Here are open ended play toys to gift your little girl. 

Rainbow stacking blocks these blocks have endless possibilities for play! Your 2 year old girl can make little houses, rainbows and cages for her animals!

Shopping Cart with doll booster 2-year-old girls will love to pretend shop for all manner of things with their own cart and a spot for their dolly!

Baby Doll Gift Set I’m not convinced there are many things cuter than a little girl cradling a baby doll. They are just so sweet and nurturing from an early age. This is a soft bodied doll with eyes that open and close, a bottle and a feeding set, as well as an extra set of clothing and a pair of shoes. 

Fine Motor Skill Gifts 2-year-old Girls

It is important to help your 2-year-old practice those fine motor skills that will help them with normal activities like feeding themselves. 

Magnetic worm game your 1-2 year old girl will love feeding the birdies with this fun magnetic worm game. 

Melissa and Doug Lacing beads: your 2-year-old girl will love to create beautiful “necklaces” with this beading kit! Plus it is a great way to practice fine motor skills. 

Montessori Garden Toy: This toy is so adorable! Your 2-year-old girl will have so much fun “harvesting” carrots and radishes and figuring out the fruit shapes to put them into the wooden box.  

Imaginary Play Gifts for 2-year-old Girls

Gifts for 2-year-old girls that encourage them to use their imagination are so useful! Not only will they keep little ones occupied for more time, they will also last for more years. Here are some of my favorirte imaginary play toys for 2-year-old girls. 

KidKraft Corner Kitchen Set This is a toy that will last many years AND through many children! 2-years-old is the perfect age for pretend kitchens. Your kids will love making pretend food! If you aren’t ready for that big of an investment, another cute and useful imaginary play toy is this pretend kitchen sink. We had one and it was SO MUCH FUN (just make sure you clean the water out regularly! It recycles the water and sprays out through the spout! This kept my kids occupied through many dinner making sessions. 

Pretend Doctor Kit Your 2-year-old girl will love to play doctor (and #protip, you can close your eyes and rest a little while she does it!! 😉 )

Melissa and Doug Let’s Play House Pretend Play Set Please believe me when I say you should embrace any interest your child shows in cleaning! This is a fabulous gift for a 2-year-old girl that will let her clean the house along with you (or by herself if you dare!)

The Best Ride On Toys for 2-year-old girls

Get your 2-year-old girl active and outside with these super fun ride-on toys!

3-in-1 Scooter: This is pricey, but will grow up with your child from 1 all the way up to 5 or 6! It has a parent push bar that can be removed, a seat for scooting, then can change into a three wheel scooter. PLUS it has lights your 2 year old girl will totally dig. 

Balance Bike: As soon as your little girl can stand-up, she’ll be able to start on a balance bike! 

Pony Cycle What little girl doesn’t want a pony? I always try to find ride-on toys that are active instead of passive and this one fits the bill! Kids push down on the pedals and the horse inches forward. This is pricey but super fun! 

a 2-year-old girl stands outside holding her hand up to the sky. She has blond hair and is wearing a sparkly pink dress.

Outdoor Toys for Active 2-year-old Girls

Water Table: Take it from me…a water table is one of the BEST toy purchases you will make for your kids! Kids LOVE water…and the table can be used indoors or outdoors! I would put beach towels on the kitchen floor and put the water table on on top when it was too cold to play outside. We’ve used out water table for years and years! 

Outdoor Skipping Stones: This is the toy that keeps on being a favorite for my kids and works from 2-years-old up! These can be used inside or out and your girl will love hopping from stone to stone. 

Teeter Totter See Saw: 2-year-olds will have so much fun see sawing with their friends! This can also be used inside or out.  

Active Inside Toys for 2-year-old Girls

Although we love to play outside (especially to get wiggles out) sometimes the weather just won’t cooperate. I always try to balance things by having indoor toys that will keep my kids active as well! Here are some 2-year-old girl gifts that will keep her moving indoors.

Slide/Swing Set: You will need space for this thing, but it will be a dream for a 2-year-old girl (and keep her occupied so you can get other things done). 

Amazon Basics Soft Play Climber A foam play climber is an excellent indoor toy for 1-2 year old girls. It has four foam shapes that can be hooked together with hook and loop (velcro) strips. One of the pieces functions as a small slide. 

Pop-Up Princess Tent This is a great size for a 2-year-old girl and it folds up for storage. It doesn’t include balls, but you can buy a set of pretty colored play balls. Little kids will love playing in their very own ball pit!

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Best Learning Toys for 2 year old girls

There are lots of fun and exciting toys that light up for kids this age. Check out these fun Light-up Toys!

Cocomelon Ultimate Learning Bus If you have a Cocomeon lover in your house, this TOTY2022 (Toy of the Year) award winner will make a great gift for 2 year old girls. This is an educational toy for 18 months and up. It has the Cocomelon characters littles love with 300+ words, phrases and songs including the ABCs and 123s. It comes with letter tokens that once inserted will play phrases about that letter. 

Leap Frog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart This the most adorable toy it would be a perfect gift for 2-year-old girls. Not only can she pretend to make ice cream cones, the cart also identifies colors and helps kids learn to count. 

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Not only is this educational toy the perfect size for a 2-year-old girl, it also includes five different changeable activity sheets. Your little one will love this gift!

A little girl has bubbles on her head and is smiling at the camera.

Bath Toys for 2-year-old Girls

Little girls love to play in the bath, which makes bath toys a great 2-year-old girl gift! Here are our favorite bath toys. 

Wind up duck bath toys with net These fun wind-up toys are so much fun! She’ll love watching them swim around the tub and using the net to catch them. 

Floating Octopus with Rings This is a fun little floating ring toss! The cute octopus makes a fun bath addition. 

Flower Garden Bath Toy This sweet bath toy comes with a watering can so your 2-year-old can pour water and watch the flower petals spin and twirl.

Music Gifts for 2 year old girls

Little ones love music, whether they are making the music, singing or dancing! Here are some wonderful music gifts your 2-year-old girl will love. 

Wooden Music Set: Not only do 2 year old girls love to create music, music is also a wonderful way to help your child’s brain develop. So turn on some tunes and let your little girl groove along with his own instruments! This set is beautiful and sure to last a long time. 

Echo Singing Microphone: Even though this toy is simple and battery free, it is a little kid favorite! This 2-year-old girl gift will let her sing to her heart’s content! 

Baby Einstein Wooden Magic Touch Piano: This isn’t a piano where the keys go down (hence the name “magic touch” but it is a great music toy option for 2-year-old girls! It includes 3 sheets of music and six different songs. 

Books to gift your 2-year-old girl

I gift books as often as I can, because reading is so important!  Here are some sweet books that were my 2 year old girls’ favorites. 

Bright Baby Touch and Feel Books Boxed Set: 2-year-old girls love the tactile element of these books. They get to learn about animals and can “feel” different parts of them. 

Mother Goose Treasury Nursery Rhymes: Nursery Rhymes are so important! Not only are they “bite sized” to keep 2-year-old girl’s attention, they actually help your chid for reading! This treasury is beautifully illustrated and has all of the best of Mother Goose. 

Sandra Boynton’s Greatest Hits The Big Blue Box Boynton’s illustrations are adorable and her writing is so sweet and memorable. Your 2-year-old girl will love barking along with Doggies! And laughing at the singing pigs in Moo, Baa La, La La! 

A little Asian girl kneels on a white rug. She is wearing a black and white striped shirt and is pulling building blocks out of a red mesh container.

Building Toys for 2-year-old Girls

Balancing Stones  Your 2 year old girl will love stacking these beautiful wooden stones. 

Giant Building Blocks: These require some space for storage, but they are amazingly fun and sturdy! We had these for all of my kids’ growing up years and build some amazing things with them. 

Mega Bloks Big Big Building Bag This is a great intro to legos as a 2-year-old girl gift. It comes with 80 building blocks in girly colors. 

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2-year-old Girl Gifts for Art

Magic Doodle Aqua Mat: 2 year old girls will love being able to draw on this mat with water and parents will love not having to clean up a mess! 

Adjustable Standing Art Easel: This can be moved up and down for different heights and has dry erase markers, chalk and magnets. 

Dot Marker Kit: Dot Markers are perfect for 2-year-old girl coordination. She will love to create art using these dabbing markers. 

Sports Gifts for 2-year-old Girls

Incline Gymnastics Mat: Your 2-year-old girl future gymnast will have so much fun with this gift! She can do forward rolls, backward rolls and slide down this fun (foldable!) gymnastics mat.  

Foldable Mini Trampoline with Bar/Ball Pit: Let your little guy get all of his wiggles out and get strong muscles and endurance with this trampoline. As a bonus, it can fold up AND be used as a ball pit.  

Little Tikes Pink Tball Set: If you want to raise a little baller, this t-ball set is perfect! Plus it is something she can do by herself!

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Room Decor Gifts for 2-year-old Girls

Room decor can be a great gift idea for 2 year old girls, especially if you are trying not to add more toys to the mix. 

Teepee Tent: Your little girl will LOVE having his own space to pretend in, read in, or take a little rest. 

Cozy Flip Out Sherpa Couch: Whether your 2-year-old girl uses this couch for reading, watching a show or listening to her favorite tunes, it is a fun and useful gift idea!

Unicorn Table and 2 Chairs: This 2-year-old girl gift will let her color, craft and even eat on a table her very own size. She will love it!

Board Games Gifts for 2-year-old girls

Red Light Green Light Motion Sensing Game: This game is so much fun for 1-2 year old girls! It has a motion sensor and lights so that your little guy and his friend can play the game on their own. 

Elefun is a classic board game for this age group. Using nets,  little ones can chase and catch butterflies that are being blown into the air by an elephant trunk. 

Magnetic Fun Fishing Game: This game has magnetic fishing poles and fish. It will teach your 2-year-olds colors and letters. 

Classic Toys for 2-year-old Girls

Bouncy Horse: This fun inflatable horse is adorable and fun to bounce around on. 

Pull Along Toy:  Pulling a little animal along behind them is always lots of fun! This wooden bird is colorful and flaps its wings. So fun!

Spin N Say: 2 year old girls will love pulling the handle of this Spin N Say, watching the pointer spin and then hearing the animal sound. 

Phew! There you are! I hope that my Gifts 2-year-old Girls will LOVE has helped you choose a wonderful gift for your girl!

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