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The BEST Shark Toys! Fun and educational gifts for kids

Shark toys…if you’ve found this post you probably have a kid who loves those mysterious creatures of the deep.

There are two rites of passage for boys in our family…first the dinosaur phase (obsession!) during which we read, eat, talk, play dinosaurs 24/7.  A few years later they go through the equally obsessive shark phase. Right now, son #3 is deep in the shark phase and I know far more about sharks and shark toys than I ever thought I would. 

Whenever I think about gifts for kids, I try to play into their interests. Sharks are such interesting creatures to kids because they are ferocious looking, there are SO many sizes and types, and they are mysterious. Did you know that sharks have an extra sense? Did you know that sharks cannot survive in captivity? Did you know that sharks don’t get cancer? There are lots of things we could probably learn from sharks and maybe your child is the future marine biologist who will unlock all of those secrets!

From Shark books (Shark-o-pedia is our favorite!) to cuddly shark stuffed animals that will make your child feel brave in the dark, shark puzzles, shark toys and so many other shark gift ideas, I hope these 27 shark toys and gifts are perfect for the child on your list.

Shark Toys that are educational

Any time my child is interested in a topic I see it as a great opportunity to learn! Here are some shark toys that are educational, so your child can learn about sharks while having so much fun.

The Best Shark Books for Kids

I love raising readers, and buying books about subjects that your kid is interested in helps to spark that love of reading. Here are three of our family’s favorite shark books (beware the pictures about the cookie cutter sharks. BLECH!)

Shark Gifts that are useful

I always try to choose some useful gifts that go with my kids’ interests. These shark gift ideas are things that they will actually use…and just have the added attraction of having sharks on them.

Shark Gifts for their bedroom

Kids will love a room refresh that has their favorite creature involved. Choose from useful sheet sets, a fun nightlight or a poster that has LOTS of sharks on it!

Super Fun Shark Toys

Sometimes you just want to buy something FUN for your shark lover! These shark toys are just that…super fun! This list includes s ome of our favorite shark games and shark toys.

If your child loves sharks, then I hope these shark toys inspired you with a special gift that he or she will love!

Happy Gifting!

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Stanley Thomas

Tuesday 9th of February 2021

These are great toys for little money, still think Kid Connect should sponsor you as you do such interesting and honest reviews

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.