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The best gift deals to watch for on Amazon Prime day 2017

Have you heard about Amazon Prime day? Think of it kind of like Black Friday in July…and if you are prepared you can score some awesome (early) gifts for friends and family!  I will be watching and linking to great deals and gift ideas on my Facebook page throughout the day so make sure you are following @YourGiftyGirl on Facebook and also on Instagram so I can help you out.

This year the main Prime Day Festivities start at 6 p.m. Pacific Time on 7/10/17 and continue throughout the day on 7/11/17. Grab your free slurpee and keep your computer handy! There will be new deals every five minutes and they often sell out quickly, so stay with me on Facebook to stay in the loop!

If you aren’t already a Prime Member you should be! Here is a link to Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial You can join just in time to get free 2-day (or faster!) shipping on all the great deals you will see during Prime Day.

We don’t know exactly what Amazon will be selling, but we DO know that they will heavily discount all of their Amazon brand items.

Amazon Brand Sale Items

Here are some of my favorite Amazon items that will definitely be discounted!


See that tiny green thing? That has TONS of books loaded onto it for my son! Yay Kindle!!

Kindle: In this post about gift ideas for readers I talked about how this gift can help encourage your kids to read and save money if you have a big reader! Right now we are visiting family and I downloaded 8 FREE ebooks from our library straight to my oldest kids’ Kindles. My 12-year-old (voracious reader) said, “Seriously, this is one of the best gifts ever.” I recommend buying the standard Kindle e-reader over the Kindle Fire because it is JUST books. My kids’ teachers let them bring their Kindles to read books on and they wouldn’t allow that with the other Kindles that have apps and games on them. This is an amazing gift for kids and grown-ups alike. I absolutely adore my Kindle Paperwhite. It is a little more expensive because it automatically backlights according to reading conditions (reading in bed people! Woot!)


2. Amazon Echo and Audible Subscription: One of my readers asked for gift ideas for her home-bound parents. In this post, one idea I shared was a subscription to Audible (unlimited audio books) and an Amazon Echo. You can do a free 30 day Audible Trial  Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks. Prime Members can get 40% off a six-month Audible Subscription on Prime Day. If you haven’t used an Echo before they are pretty awesome and VERY user friendly. After the initial wi-fi set up, everything else is voice activated. Audible can be paired with the Echo so that you can easily play an Audio book. My kids LOVE to ask Alexa (the Echo’s name) to tell them jokes, stories, and play certain songs. You can also play games against Alexa and order items on Amazon (there is a way to disable this so your kid doesn’t order THEMSELVES a little something special).  This gift would be fun for teens, parents, grandparents and even for yourself.

3. Amazon Fire Stick: It has been five years since we cut the cord with cable and watch shows primarily on Netflix and Prime TV. This Fire Stick plugs into the HDMI spot on the phone and allows us to access all of the Prime TV shows (available for free when you have Amazon Prime) as well as apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc. It is incredibly affordable normally and a great deal to grab. I have a 15-year-old niece who is dying to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. A Fire Stick and a few months subscription to Netflix would make a great gift for tweens and teens! Another thing I love about the Fire Stick is that although it comes with a free remote, you can also download a remote app for your phone in case your kid walks off with the normal remote. Totally has never happened at our house…I’ve just heard about it happening to other people. HAHA!

Other deals we are expecting


Instant Pot: This was a HUGE seller for Amazon last year and we are expecting they will be discounting this amazing appliance during Prime Day. I wrote a little bit about Instant Pots in this post and have since been using my own IP a ton.  A lot of people say they are intimidated by using a pressure cooker but the Instant Pot is JUST as simple as a crock pot.  You follow a recipe, make sure the valve is pointing at “sealed” instead of “venting” and push a few buttons.  Some of my personal favorite recipes are Spaghetti and (frozen) meatballs AND noodles in 9 minutes. (Place frozen meatballs in bottom, cover them with a bottle of marinara sauce, break noodles in half and spread on top, fill up marinara sauce bottle with water and pour on top, close lid, manual setting for 9 minutes). And our VERY favorite recipe which is loved by all my children (a small miracle) is this Carnitas recipe by My Lilikoi Kitchen. I want to eat it every day.  I’ve also made some amazing (and amazingly fast) ribs, beef roast, chicken tacos, and brown rice in my Instant Pot.  I know that the amount of Instant Pot options that are available makes it kind of confusing. There are 6 quart and 8 quart options, and also different types like Bluetooth enabled, 6 in 1 and 7 in 1. If you are a first timer with an Instant pot, the type I linked is a good start…it is 6 quarts and can do everything you need. This would be a fun gift for moms, mother-in-laws, sisters and definitely something you should grab to make those school night meals easier on yourself!

Double Hammock– My 12-year-old is in his hammock almost every day. A great (and inexpensive!) gift for tweens, and teens both boys and girls! This hammock was one of Amazon’s biggest sellers last year so we are expecting a few to be on sale! If they are cheap enough for a budget this might be a great time to buy several to stash for birthday gifts.

Roomba Vacuum – This was in my gift guide of gifts every mom wants. I don’t have one of these myself, but I cry a little each time I see one…imagining my dirty, crumb-y kid floors being vacuumed while I sleep. Sigh. These were a big seller last year so if you are in the market keep watch on Facebook and I will let you know when to click “add to cart!” And the first time you set it up, think about me at home with my dumb old vacuum and shed a single, solitary tear for my lack of robot vacuum.

I’m excited to see what things will be available on Prime Day and even more excited to help you fill up your carts. Remember, grab your free Prime Membership if you don’t already have one, follow @yourgiftygirl on Facebook and keep your phone or computer handy.

Chat with you soon! Happy Gifting!



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