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21 Dad Gifts for Dads of All Types

Why is it so difficult to buy dad gifts or gifts for men? I know in my case, when my husband wants something he just goes out and buys it! It usually happens close to his birthday or a holiday and I’m like, GREAT, thanks. Now what do I get you?!

I also feel like compared to women men seem to have less hobbies generally and that makes it more difficult. At any rate, we have at LEAST three holidays a year we need to come up with ideas for husbands/dads and I’m here to help! Here are some starting points for you that I hope will give you some ideas for great gifts for dads in your life. If you are looking for gift ideas for grandpa, check out this post!

This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

A dad holding a young girl on his back, piggyback style. He is looking up at her and laughing.

Funny Gifts for Dad

Funny dad gifts are a great option, especially for the dad who has everything. Here are some funny gifts for dad that will make him chuckle. 

Dad Pony Saddle: If dad is the official horse at your house, this saddle will make the kids more safe and comfortable AND will be so funny! This dad saddle would be a funny gift for dad that he and his kids will love!

Car and train playmat shirt: This t-shirt will let dad relax while he gets a massage with cars and trains! Your kids will love this funny dad gift!

The Ultimate Dad Joke Book: 501 dad jokes so bad they are hilarious!

I’m not sleeping, I’m resting my eyes funny dad socks: I mean, it’s a universal dad phrase, am I right?! These socks make light of dad’s need to shut his peepers and “not sleep.” 

To Dad From the Reasons you Drink Funny Beer Glass: This sturdy beer glass makes a useful yet funny gift for dad! 

World’s best Farter, I mean Father T shirt Gift for Dad:  Another universal father truth 😉 Why not laugh at it with this silly gift for dad?

Custom Personalized Gifts for dad

You can add up to six kids’ names on this personalized Daddysaurus Tumbler. Useful and cute! There are also other personalized tumblers to choose from like Super Dad Tumbler, and Dad Established with dates Tumbler.

If you have a Superhero dad, this custom Batman Dad keychain would make a great dad gift! You could also go with a more minimal customized Best Dad Ever keychain.

It doesn’t take much time to create a custom photo desk calendar for dad. He will love having his favorite pictures on display at work. 

A dad holds a newborn baby in a white and red striped shirt. The baby is looking at the camera, the dad is looking at the baby and smiling.

Memorable First time Dad Gifts

You can make dad’s first Father’s Day or a dad-to-be’s birthday or Christmas extra special with a gift that helps him celebrate his dad role!

A DaDa t-shirt is understated and simple, but would make an adorable dad gift for a first time dad! It comes in many colors and sizes. A new gamer dad will love this Dad Level, Unlocked keychain. You can add three pictures to this cozy custom DAD photo blanket

Sweet Step Dad Father’s Day Gifts

Dads come into our lives in so many different ways. If you are looking for a special Father’s day gift for the special step dad that you call dad, here are some sweet options. These step dad gifts will work for any occasion: birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day!

I’m not the step dad I’m the dad that stepped up” t-shirt would be a sweet (and useful) dad gift. I also think this Step dad definition mug would be a great Father’s Day gift for a stepdad! I LOVE this step dad gift photo keychain and sentiment that says, “Thanks for being the dad you didn’t have to be.” 

Cool Tech Gifts for Dad

Dad’s LOVE tech…the problem is they usually just buy themselves what they want, when they want it! Here are some out-of-the-box tech gifts for dad that he will love!

An amazing dad gift for 2022 is a way for dad or grandpa to connect with the kids with a movie projector and outdoor inflatable movie screen! You can connect it to a FireTV stick, a gaming system, a laptop, or your phone using an HDMI cord. 

Dad will love playing retro arcade games on this amazing arcade machine! It is a pricey gift, but one that the whole family will enjoy (bonus!). 

A useful tech gift for dad is this three-in-one wireless charging station. Dad can charge his phone, Apple watch and airpods at the same time on this sleek charger. 

A man squats down next to a yellow Labrador dog. They are looking off camera and the man is smiling.

Special Dog Dad Gifts

If your children are of the four-legged, furry variety there are dog dad gifts you can give. 

I LOVE this Pawdre t-shirt for a proud dog dad (it comes in many sizes and colors).. There are some other funny dog dad t-shirts too like “Best Bearded, Beer Lovin’ Dog Dad Ever t-shirt for dog dads,” or “The Dogfather ever” tank top t-shirt for dog dads.” 

A paw-print picture frame would make another great dog dad gift. This set comes with everything you need to make a keepsake paw print and add some pics of your furbaby. There are lots of great drinking options for dog dads including this etched The Dogfather Glass cup. You could also buy an insulated dog dad tumbler or a dog dad can coozie.

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