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Pancake Art Gift Basket

Pancakes are a breakfast staple at our house…who can resist a fluffy pancake with melted butter and warm syrup? Now creative people are making pancakes even more irresistible by turning them into works of art.  And I think these can easily translate into a fun and creative gift basket!

Have you seen pancake art before?  Here is a little preview of what it is. Super fun!

Now I’m not sure if this is the case everywhere…but pancakes seem to be a DAD specialty at many homes. This gift could be for lots of different people (wedding gift?!) but since it is close to Father’s Day I made a couple of dad specific tags that can go with this fun Pancake Art Gift Basket. Wouldn’t this be a great Father’s Day present? My kids would LOVE to give this to their dad! 

Here is everything you need for a Pancake Art Gift Basket…including a FREE printable instruction sheet to help pancake art newbies figure it out! You can grab the tags and instruction sheet by signing up for my every-other-week newsletter full of helpful gift ideas! You’ll be sent an email with a log-in for The Gifty Girl’s Free Gift Printables Library where you can print these and tons of other fun gift printables that will make your gift giving easy and fun! Sign-up below for access!

Pancake Art Gift Basket Items

The Essentials 

Griddle: You will need a pancake griddle. One like this is the best option to make sure you have a consistent temperature for cooking pancakes. 


Squeeze Bottles: You will also need some good sized squeeze bottles (these are 16 ounces each) to create your pancake art.  These allow you to separate your batter and have different colors PLUS they make it easier to create the shapes. 


Food Coloring: Even though this food coloring is specifically made for cake frosting, it will give your pancakes vibrant color (and they last such a long time! A tiny bit goes a loooooong way). This 12 pack of colors will give you every shade you need!

Large Spatula: This spatula is plenty wide enough (and high heat resistant) for you to flip any size of pancake. 


Pan Gough Pancake Art Set: You could also go with this pre-packaged Pan Gough Pancake Art Set. It includes a griddle, a pancake template, and pancake bottles. It has great reviews!


Extras for Pancake Art Gift Basket

The items above are all of the essentials for great pancake art, but here are some other fun items you could add to this gift basket!

Blender Balls: These handy balls can be inserted into the squeeze bottles to help ensure that the batter has a smooth consistency. 

 Pancake Mold: Pancake art can definitely be made without molds but these fun egg/pancake molds could be a helpful tool and fun addition.

The Best Dads Make Pancakes T-Shirt:  This comes in a bunch of fun colors and would be great to add to this unique Father’s Day gift!


Don’t forget to sign up for my free Gift Printables Library and get the instruction sheet and fun pancake gift tags!

Tell me what you think? Is there a need for delicious artwork in your home? Will you be grabbing one ore more of these fun products for a Pancake Art Gift Basket?


Happy Gifting!


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