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“King of the Throne” Squatty Potty Gift

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Father’s Day is on its way…and my husband and dad are some of the hardest people to shop for. I’ve mentioned before that I try as often as possible to choose gifts that are purposeful or useful, and this gift definitely falls in that category. It is also kind of funny which is just the kind of gift dads like, right? I called it the “King of the Throne” because the toilet is the only throne most dads get to sit on. Here are the supplies you need for your “king” to outfit his “throne.”

Squatty Potty



I will admit when I first heard of a Squatty Potty I was perplexed. Fast forward to when I was potty training my two younger boys. Neither of them would (could) poop in the potty. Someone suggested to me that I have them stand ON the toilet seat and squat down to go #2, and like MAGIC they both started being able to poop with ease. Suddenly I understood the Squatty Potty! The basic idea is that this stool (which conveniently tucks under your toilet when not in use) will elevate your knees to “mimic a natural squat.” Squatting un-kinks your colon and allows you to poop easily. The Squatty Potty makes going to the bathroom much easier, faster and more enjoyable.

The same company that makes the Squatty Potty also has “Unicorn Gold Poop Spray.” Let me tell you, if you haven’t ever tried a toilet spray like this it is like a little miracle. You spray the Unicorn Gold in the toilet prior to going to the bathroom and it traps the smell! For real, people! Not only is the smell trapped but it leaves a lovely and clean smell in it’s place, so the bathroom smells better AFTER you go potty, what?! If you have more than one person using a bathroom Unicorn Gold will keep everyone happy.  I tried the Citrus Squeeze which is made of lemon and orange essential oils and “real gold nanoparticles [that] trap bathroom odors deep beneath the surface of the toilet water.” They have four other scents including

I also included some soft Charmin Toilet paper and a Sudoku Book.

Who this gift is for:

I made this gift with dads in mind (dads, grandpas, father-in-laws). And included a fun, free printable that says “To the King, For His Throne.” You can get it for free by signing up for the Gift Printable Library below. You will also have access to tons of other fun and free gift printables!

How much it costs:

The Squatty Potty runs around $25 (I have heard that they are selling two packs at Costco but haven’t seen them myself!). The Unicorn Gold spray is $14.99 although if you buy 5 on the Squatty Potty website you can get them for $12 each when you purchase 5!  The toilet paper was $6 and you can get a Sudoku book for around $6. The total for this gift was $62 and you could scale it up or down depending on your budget.


Will this gift help a dad in your life feel a little more “kingly?” I hope the King of the Throne gift made you laugh and maybe inspired a fun and purposeful gift for you to give.

Happy Gifting!


Squatty Potty Gift for dads and grandpas

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