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Fast & Frugal Gift Idea: Jump rope and rhymes

Fast & Frugal Gift Idea: Jump rope and rhymes


Fast and Frugal Jump Rope Gift


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Fast and Frugal

Today I’m sharing with you a fast and frugal gift idea that is great for kids and perfect for your kids to give as a birthday present!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has either:

a) forgotten a birthday gift for a party entirely or

b) waited until the last minute to buy a gift and ended up spending way more than what was in the budget!
I learned my lesson the hard way. For the past few years my strategy has been to look for awesome presents in bulk for birthday party gifts. Birthday presents for kids that aren’t your own are a little tricky…I’ve had great luck going back to “classic” toys and games that not every kid has nowadays.

Last year my daughter came home from school all excited about jump roping at recess. Of course we headed right to the internet to find all of the best rhymes! When I saw a bunch of jump ropes on clearance at the end of last summer I knew I could make some printables, attach them and have a cute (and fun!) gift for my daughter’s friends.

I made some cute (free!) printables with our favorite jumping rhymes, attached them together with a metal ring and attached them to the jump rope. Cute and easy! Fast and Frugal! Win and win! Just type in your email address to get the code for my Free Printables Library (and access to the jump rope rhymes and a bunch of fun tags and gift items!)



If you wanted to add a little more to this gift, you could pair an individual jump rope with a 16′ jump rope for multiple kid jumping. Or you could add a Chinese Jump Rope  (these are so fun! Check out this YouTube video if you’ve never seen one before. ) I bought one for my daughter for a souvenir and all of my big kids really enjoyed it. You can even play by yourself by attaching it to the legs of two chairs.

I have happy memories of jumping rope, and it is wonderful exercise of well! A great fast and frugal gift for birthday parties. Can you think of a child who would enjoy this?


Happy Gifting!



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