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A fun (frugal) gift kids will love!

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When my five-year-old got invited to a birthday party I took him to our well stocked birthday gift closet (which has tons of fun gifts from the segment I did on Gift Ideas for kids to give ).   However, we all know that five-year-olds can have very opinionated ideas that are hard to squash!  We had gone to the dollar store a few days before and he was mesmerized by the gigantic glow-in-the-dark section there, so when he got the invitation that was exactly where his brain went. “I want to get Jack everything that glows!” he said. So we headed to the dollar store.

It turns out that Jackson’s gift idea is a really great one because:

  1.  Kids of all ages (boys and girls!) love glow-in-the-dark stuff. My 9 and 12-year-olds both bought a glow toy with their own money while we were there!
  2. Glow toys don’t last forever so you don’t have to worry about it being a duplicate toy for the birthday kid
  3. The dollar store had an amazing assortment of glow toys and even buying a bunch of them we were still able to keep the gift in a great price range!

Who this gift is for

The great thing about this gift is that it can be for kids of many ages. It would work for kids from about age 3 and up (as long as the 3-year-old doesn’t put things in his/her mouth). I think it would even be a fun gift for younger teens!

What’s in the glow gift

Basically we bought one of everything that glowed (just like my son wanted!) This included:

Glow Necklaces

Glow bracelets

Glow lantern

Glow Trident

Glow hatchet

Glow Ball

Wal-mart has some really fun glow balloons that you can buy too.

We packaged it in a bucket and added a cute printable tag (that you can download for free from the Gifty Printables library..sign-up form at the bottom of this email!)


Do you know any kids who would love to get a gift full of GLOWing fun?

Happy gifting!




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