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Penpal Gift Set: A gift idea for kids, tweens and teens!

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If you live far away from your nephew and nieces or grandchildren, it sometimes feels hard to build a close relationship with them. Although “snail mail” seems like a thing of the past, it has also become somewhat of a novelty. Why not build that relationship with a Penpal gift set? My kids would love this! Although I think my oldest (12-year-old boy) wouldn’t be overly thrilled.  Think in particular about the child you are buying for, this would work better for some kids than others!

PenPal Gift Set


What’s in the Penpal Gift Set

First up, a personalized mailing label.  Kids would be thrilled to have their mailing labels with their address on it! Find it here. While you’re buying it you might as well grab some for your Christmas cards… two birds, one stone!

Next, a lap desk for writing letters on. This one comes in several colors and has storage trays.

Look at this adorable writing paper and envelope set. This includes 30 pieces of writing paper and 15 envelopes.

Your penpal will need something to write with, what about this set of 40 gel pens, they would be so fun to write with!

And I just love this “Little Pink Book” of addresses. Isn’t it adorable? Make sure to put your own address in their for your little penpal!

I think it would be great to throw in a roll of stamps, it will make it easier to get those letters in the mail and ready to go!

What it costs

If you were to buy everything in the PenPal gift set, it would cost $47.  You could definitely do this for less, by buying plain writing paper and envelopes, including simple pencils or pens.

Who is this gift good for

This gift would be great for kids who can write (ages 8 and up), tweens and some teens. Like I said, make sure to think about who you are buying this for (or even ask their parents!).


Is there someone who you’d love to give this penpal gift to? I’d love to know what you think!

Happy Gifting!





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