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Let’s make gift giving fun again!

There was a turning point…suddenly gift giving became more of a pain than a joy.  Especially at Christmastime….oy Christmastime. Besides being primarily in charge of choosing gifts for my five kids, husband, parents, sisters, in-laws, extended family, etc etc., I was often asked for lists of what my kids wanted from their grandparents. Suddenly I was making a budgets and a gift list for my kids, then finding gift possibilities for my parents to buy my kids and yet another list for my parents-in-law.  Then people would ask me what I wanted for Christmas, and did I mention that my birthday is in December?! What do I want, what do they want, what ELSE do they want?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I AM the GiftyGirl, I love to pick out creative gifts that people love. But I kind of want the magic of Christmas back! I want to look under the tree and have NO IDEA what those presents hold for me. I wanted the gift giver to think of me and pick out something special that would surprise and delight me!

At the same time I get it, I understand! It is hard to think of gifts, the easiest and most sure way to get someone a gift they will like is to ask them what they want and buy it. But I can tell you from experience, that there is an absolute thrill when you use your relationship and knowledge to think up the perfect gift that the recipient will love, use and remember always.

I feel like our society has headed towards the un-magical Christmas. The sheer amount of STUFF that people (kids especially!) own have resulted in some crazy, CRAZY gifts options. Have you seen those teddy bears at Costco that people cannot even fit in a normal car? PEOPLE CAN’T EVEN FIT THEM IN A NORMAL CAR!! What in the world are we doing here?!

My gift giving philosophy might be described as “mindful” giving. I want the gifts I give to be thoughtful, helpful, and most of all fun. Often that means my kids get gifts they didn’t ask for…gifts that they didn’t see in a commercial. There are few things more fun to me than giving a gift that people remember for years to come.

Join with me as I throw all of the fun, crazy, unique and awesome gift ideas out of my head and onto this little spot on the world wide web. I hope that I can inspire you to find gifts that will make giving fun again.

The Gifty Girl has just begun, stick with me for a wild ride!
Happy Giving!

Steph (The Gifty Girl)



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