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2019 Amazon Black Friday Best Deals and Gift Ideas



amazon black friday 2019 best deals and gift ideas


Bookmark this page and check back starting November 22 for the best Amazon deals and gift ideas that I find. I’m SO EXCITED!!



This is a popular toy in our house for both boys and girls. Use the battery-powered drill to create patterns with screws. Super fun! On sale all day (11/30). Check out other toys on sale today from the same manufacturer here

The Echo GLOW is new and has mixed reviews, but sounds really cool. You can make light routines with it for your kids (like a visual timer!) We love our Amazon Echo for my kids rooms. They can listen to music, bedtime stories, play games and I use it as an intercom to talk to them! This is a super fun bundle that I think kids will love!

If you have a child between 18-months and 3 years a Trikey Bike is a great gift! This one is on sale all day today (and has a compartment that opens, woot!)

This is for the mid-level Kindle Fire for kids (you can get the 7 for cheaper or the 10 for more!) We love these devices (especially their 2 year worry free guarantee! A great tablet for kids!


This looks like a GREAT toy for long car rides! On sale all day today Black Friday

These GREEN Toys are one of our favorites, super durable, drains easily and made with recycled materials! So much fun for little kids and a great deal today. Great for baths, water play, splash pads!

LOL Suprise Doll on sale all day Black Friday (lots of kids have these on their lists!)

LIGHTNING deal on this awesome radio flyer tailgater wagon. This would make a great gift for a family that has kids in sports (So much stuff to carry!)

Our Favorite Bath Toys! These are great for little to big kids

All new KINDLE for Kids! (only for reading!) Includes a case + 1 year FREETIME access (free books!) + 2 year worry free guarantee + $5 ebook credit! One of our favorite devices. Grab this for your kids!

These stepping logs look great for toddles and little kids! On sale all day (Thanksgiving)

Save 60% on select product(s) with promo code 604ITIQL on

If you are looking for an adorable “Something You Need” gift, there is a special promo right now on this insulated sloth lunchbag. I just grabbed one for my daughter! Click here and get 60% off this well reviewed lunch bag…but ONLY THIS PATTERN is the 60% off and it is only through November 30! CLICK ON THE SAVE 60% LINK, NOT THE PICTURE to get the discount!

 Kindle Fire 7 Tablets KIDS EDITION (Includes 2 year worry free guarantee and 1 year FreeTime access (free apps and books). This is not the newest edition but it is the kindle fire that my kids have and it is GREAT! Two pack for $99, you can choose the case colors as well. 

The newer Kindle Fire Tablets are also on sale here: Kindle Fire 8 Kids Edition Kindle Fire 10 Kids Edition

Basically the newer the tablet the bigger the screen, better the definition and faster the speed.  So for younger kids you should feel totally great about getting the Kindle Fire 7 Tablet. 


If you  have a  gamer in your house TONS of gaming gear on sale today by clicking here.  You can also get ideas of what to gift your gamer from this posts I made “The Best Gifts  for Gamers: Fortnite Edition.” 

This is on sale all day today (Black Friday) A great gift idea for athletes, kids, teens. WE have a balance board and my kids are on it all the time. This looks so fun!

Beanie with built in earphones…on sale all day today (Thansgiving)

These Electric Skateboards are AMAZING! Great gift for Teens or grown-ups

These frosting tips would make a fun gift for teens interested in baking and cake decorating! Check out more gift ideas for teens to make money on this post


These are a great gift for ANYONE! If you haven’t done your ancestry yet it is the coolest thing. Men will love to see their ethnicity and health report. The cheapest I’ve seen this! Great gift for anyone, but especially hard to buy for men, parents, grandparents



Awesome gift for women or men or kids! Spend $20 on ebooks get a $5 ebook credit. This goes great with my gift idea (with free printables) 100 Books To read in a Lifetime Gift

LIGHTNING DEAL BLACK FRIDAY super cool gift for the female traveler, business woman or busy mom!

I have an item like this in my gift ideas for mother-in-laws post! This is a digial photo frame, a great group gift and  everyone can add their own pictures (it rotates through). Great gift for grandparents, go grab one (on sale all day Black Friday)

This Echo Smart Clock looks like a great tool for moms! You (and your kids) can visually see timers!


This is the newest very best version of e-reader by Amazon, The Kindle Oasis. What I love: Waterproof (read in the bathtub!) and includes Audible so you can switch over and LISTEN to the book that you are reading! Amazing gift for grown-ups, parents, grandparents, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, teen, college student. Anyone who reads will LOVE this I promise (even if they say they like paper books, this will change their mind! $100 off today BLACK FRIDAY

This is an awesome gift idea for a grandparent, parent, dad, college student. Echo 5 + a Smart Plug! On sale all day BLACK FRIDAY!

Amazing deal on this desktop computer, we are looking for one for our kids to use for homework/fun!

Echo DOT + Smart Plug Bundle, Great gift for any grown-up you don’t know what to get!

This would be a super fun gift for a college student or senior! It gives them the ability to control the microwave with Alexa!

Amazing deal on this laptop! LIGHTNING DEAL (starting a.m. Thanksgiving) hurry over!

 The Amazon Fire Tablet 7 is on sale for under $30! This is an older, smaller version but is an amazing tablet that will work great for most anyone. You can’t beat this  price! 

The sale is on! Get a Ring Doorbell PRO Amazon Echo Show 5 Bundle for $179! This would make a great gift for dads, parents, grandparents, college students. Super easy to set up and will give them peace of mind. There is also a bundle with a Ring Doorbell 2 (older version) for $40 cheaper. 

Amazon is introducing a new Alexa product called the Amazon Flex. It is small, you can plug it into any outlet and use Alexa with it. A review on the site explained, ” The Flex has a small built-in Alexa speaker so you can give it commands, but it’s “not optimized for playing music.” So it does play music, but it’s not ideal. The Flex includes a USB port that lets you charge your phone and plug in other accessories, like a motion sensor and new Amazon Smart Nightlight.” This looks like it would be a good addition to a DOT but not necessarily a replacement for it if you would like it to play music.  I think this would make a great gift for a grandparent, dad, mom. Especially if paired with a smart home device, grandparents might really like this!



I love my Cricut! If someone on your list has one, gift them this EasyPress which makes it so they can easily apply heated vinyl and the super cool new color transfer!


Great deal on Sonicare Toothbrushes all day today (Black Friday)

This vacuum is on sale all day, I’ve heard great things aboout Stick vacuums. Treat yo’self! 😉

Awesome deal on this Roomba that connects to Alexa! Great gift for families, moms, grandmas. I would LOVE one!

Amazing Deal  on Kitchenaid Mixer! Great gift for grandma  (could be group gift!) mom, or newlyweds!